Building a Personal Profile
Is NOT What It Used to Be...
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Kathryn Porritt
Creator, Showcase Your Brilliance
Have you been thinking about speaking on stage? Dreaming of writing that best-seller? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to run a high-end retreat?


Maybe you’ve started any of these things, but they haven’t worked out so well for you.

Either way, the Personal Profile Map will help.

It's time for you to focus on creating a personal brand that will allow you to pivot and change with your passions; and give you the freedom you deserve.

And, this isn't a woo woo manifesting your own millions type of document.  No, I'm practical and outcomes based, so what you have with the Personal Profile Map is the exact system I use in Showcase Your Brilliance with clients all over the world wanting to speak, write, host and consult their way to their best life ever.

Want to know more?  Start with the Map, and let's get going!
Here's a little story for you...
When I started my first business, I had NO CLUE how to build a brand or a profile. I spent 10 years learning my craft and by the time I sold that business, I had built a list of 300,000+ and had close to 200,000 social media followers (and this was WAY before that was even counted as a big deal). I wrote a book, was frequently seen in business magazines, lifestyle and women’s magazines and I had a high-profile blog.

And, I let the whole thing go when I sold that business.

Stupidly, in the heat of the moment, it didn’t occur to me that those followers, and blog readers and clients would be interested in what I did next.  I left a huge following on the table.

Since then, I have honed my craft and I help business owners and successful professionals LIKE YOU to build a personal profile that can take them anywhere.

On stage. Penning a best seller. Hosting high-end retreats. Traveling the world. Creating deeply impactful businesses.

I don’t do this through some sleazy course, or promise you’ll make millions overnight like some others out there. I’m pretty practical.

You want to protect that reputation you have built. You want to be able to leverage it now and well into the future.

You want to develop a truly freedom-giving personal profile.

So, as a start, this roadmap will walk you through the first steps towards creating your very own profitable and impactful personal profile.

Download the Roadmap and let's get to work.
© 2019 Kathryn Porritt | All Rights Reserved
© 2019 Kathryn Porritt | All Rights Reserved